Stage:  Series-A
Vertical:  Digital Factoring
Business Model:  B2B

Short Description:
LiqEase digitizes assets by using blockchain technology to reduce the length of terms for accounts receivables while providing investors with the opportunity to profit from a new asset class. It provides access to financing for millions of under-served SME’s facing a liquidity gap.

Stage:  Series-A
Vertical:  Digital Banking
Business Model:  B2C

Short Description:
albo, the leading Mexican challenger bank, enables its clients to manage their finances while adapting to their lifestyles. albo´s banking app comes with a Mastercard and offers the possibility to manage accounts, savings and investments via mobile phone. With albo its possible to open a mobile bank account within 60 seconds.

Stage:  Series-C
Vertical:  Banking Technology
Business Model:  B2C

Short Description:
C88 is a financial technology infrastructure provider designing and building solutions such as financial marketplaces, credit risk models and AI solutions for the financial services sector. C88 is a licensed FinTech, with well over 90 integrations with players in financial services ranging from traditional banks & asset managers to other FinTech startups.

Stage:  Series-A
Vertical:  Digital Bank
Business Model:  B2B & B2C

Short Description:
LQID Bank is a UK based full-service challenger bank building a digital ecosystem by integrating players ranging from e-commerce to FinTech into LQID´s lifestyle banking platform. LQID Bank is offering online as well as offline services. The offline services are conducted in modern, lean and customer friendly branches which aim to change the customer journey of banking.

Stage: Post-IPO
Vertical: Payments
Business Model:  B2B

Short Description:
Sandpiper Digital Payments is a global platform provider of closed-loop digital payments and proximity marketing, which aims to simplify the world of payment. Sandpiper provides mobile commerce solutions for financial institutions, sport and event, publisher, retailer and ad networks. The Swiss-based technology holding focuses on the consolidation of the fragmented payment landscape in Europe by pursuing a “buy & build” strategy in digital cashless payments and access control.

Stage:  Series-B
Vertical:  InsurTech
Business Model:  B2B2C

Short Description:
Wefox is an all-in-one insurances solution connecting insurance providers, brokers, and customers via a digital marketplace easily accessible from the mobile phone. Wefox offers through its platform an intelligent and efficient way to manage insurance and financial products, and back-office procedures.



Seed & Series-A 


Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia 


FinTech & InsurTech

Value Addition

Market Access & Internationalization

Cadence VC usually is the first institutional investor in Seed, Series-A stage companies. We look at FinTech and InsurTech companies as well as companies with business models suitable to build an ecosystem within the financial service sector. We invest in teams with a mindset setting collaboration ahead of isolation, specialization ahead of generalism and rapid scalability ahead of immediate profitability. Management teams looking for our support should be (1) complementary (2) experienced and (3) driven to shape the financial industry of the future.

We know that it takes multiple stages to become a market leader and we like to be your first institutional support on way to the top. Therefore, we provide your team with a primary investment  and follow-on funding, depending on the business model and individual situation.

How do you get us into the deal?

a. Provide your pitchdeck including financials, user growth/amount of customers & the founders CVs

b. Read our website carefully and tell us why you think your team is the perfect fit for Cadence VC

c. Provide a free trial of your prototype or access to your product


“You only have to be able to evaluate companies within your circle of competence. The size of that circle is not very important, knowing its boundaries, however, is vital.” – Warren Buffet


This quote from Warren Buffet is spot on as studies in venture capital have proven that diversification in venture investments is only possible if the partners have significant expertise in the areas they invest in. At Cadence VC, we know that it is impossible for a limited number of partners to have expertise in every field, so we decided to focus on the area where our true passion and expertise lies. Due to Bryan’s 20 years of experience in financial services and Marco’s over 10 years of experience with technology startups, we choose our niche in FinTech and quickly extended our team by Sebastian, whose extertise lies in financial services as well.


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